Brighter Children is a nonprofit breaking the cycle of poverty by helping children succeed in school.

Our Story

Brighter Children began in 2013 knowing that education is the key to success. Education enables individuals to exit the cycle of poverty. A staggering number of 60 million children do not attend primary school globally. Brighter Children's goal is to provide these children - who couldn’t otherwise go to school - an opportunity to go to primary school by sponsoring their educational costs. 

Now we have a team of dedicated volunteers passionate about reaching more supporters, helping more children graduate and bringing us closer to a world without poverty.

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100% goes to the schools

Independent funds cover our operating costs so that 100% of your money can fund education.

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Our model
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We’ve consistently received the highest grades available for accountability and transparency.

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We prove every project

We track every dollar you raise, monitor student progress, and update sponsors.

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Learn more about the Brighter Children team and board.

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We’re on a mission to eliminate poverty through education and reinvent nonprofits for the new generation. Join our 100% volunteer team

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