Our Team

Our team is bound by the core belief that education is the primary foundation to empower people and communities to break the cycle of poverty. Primary education must be accessible to all, not remain a privilege for some.

We partner with local philanthropic entrepreneurs/schools that are embedded in the communities where we can drive a significant impact. These partners share our vision and have the expertise needed to navigate local rules and run their schools. Since inception in 2013, BC has invested in 6 school partners across 4 continents and sponsored the education of over 5,000 students. Our leadership team has gained tremendous knowledge to create change through these investments.

Meet the team

The Board of Directors exists to provide our organization foresight, oversight, and insight by extending necessary control and adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies to steer us toward a sustainable future. This board is comprised of visionaries and leaders with at least one year experience as an Advisory Board member.

Kunal Doshi
Founder & Director
Kevin Bogdanov
Marylynn Clark
Suzy Peng
Shawn Small
Ian Swanson

The management and leadership team exists to implement and execute on plans to scale, maximize impact and ensure smooth operations of the organization and program. This team is comprised of paid staff and volunteers.


Brooke Baader
Event Planning
Madison Cheek
Ross DiBetta
Jenna Federico
Development Manager
Katie Hurley Wales
Executive Director
David Levi
School Partners
Julia Mattox
Board Relations
Elizabeth Steidl


Abby Hanssen
Team Operations Officer
Sam Libaire
Digital Officer
Suman Mudamula
Content Officer
Justine Quan
Manager, Design
Sonal Rana
Business Development Officer
Karan Singh
Strategic Partnerships Officer
Chad Uddstrom
Digital Marketing Officer

The Advisory Board exists to draw on its own experience and passion, non-profit, impact, education or otherwise, to mentor and guide the actions of the organization This board comprises of professionals with leadership accomplishments and 15+ years of business experience.

Sue Beckett
VP at Lovsac
Jeff Chamberlain
Sr. Director, Analyst - Gartner
Victor Dume
Attorney at Labrada Dumé & Associates
Susan Elliot-Bocassi
Principal Consultant at El-Bo Design Strategies
Heather Guntrum
Chief Customer Officer at Zywave
Joe Hanssen
SVP at State Street
Jonathan Hung
Managing Partner at J Heart Ventures
Glen Lally
VP at Cisco
John Leggett
President at Hamilton Research & Consulting LLC.
Arkadiy Okhman
Founder at Sundryve
Seenu Sarma
SVP and Chief Procurement Officer, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Will Schafer
VP of International Marketing, Beyond Meat
Mahesh Shah
Chief Product and Technology Officer at CDK Global
Adam Sobol
Head of Acquistion and Lifecycle Marketing
Barbara Spengler
Global Accounts, Customer Solutions Management at Amazon
Maneesh Subherwal
Executive Director at JP Morgan Chase
Wiegert Tierie
VP of Strategic Accounts at RWS Group
David Wright
Managing Partner, Scott Peak Capital
Marcus Yoder
Senior Vice President at GAN

The Associate Board exists to draw on its own potential and passion, non-profit, impact, education or otherwise, to support and further the goals of the organization. This board is comprised of younger professionals with demonstrated leadership potential and 2+ years of professional experience.

Ryan Larue
Director at Barings
Lucie Bardet
PM at Innovative Genomics Institute
Emma Cappiello
PM at Summit Fellows
Chris Chasney
Analyst at Barings
Morgan Hankamer
Associate at Goldman Sachs
Giordan Kritzman
VP at BNY Mellon
Nick Laszlo
Senior Associate at Industry Ventures
Hayden Lekacz
Investor at Spectrum Equity
Anthony Lesha
Manager at Google
Adriana Meza
PM at Northwell Health
Sarika Pawar
Analyst at Valiant Capital
Anjanie Sriram
VP at JP Morgan

Roll up your sleeves

We’re on a mission to eliminate poverty through education and reinvent nonprofits for the new generation. Join our 100% volunteer team.

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