Where We Work

Our efforts span 4 countries.

Our Past and Current Partners

We have an ongoing relationship with five schools.

Margaret Lewis
Founder of Village Project Africa

"Had we not had the Village Project Africa school and Brighter Children sponsorship, some of these kids would not be alive today."

VPA now has funds to buy tools like scrabble and dictionaries to teach students English.

How We Choose Schools

We find and fund the best schools in local communities after a thorough diligence process. Both our donors and school partners are focused on a common goal: impact.

Operating as a not-for-profit in impoverished regions with limited funding.

Founded by individuals struggling to scale the school program and enroll additional students without our support.

Have experience, local knowledge and presence to best operate the schools on ground.

Registered with the local government, approved 501(c)(3) status, and in compliance with IRS filing requirements.

Work with partner schools to identify students at risk of dropping out and fund their education.